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    AWEsome Prayers

    Developing a deeper prayer life requires that we focus on who God is, and his power in our lives.

    Length: 50 minutes

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    Simple Napkin Evangelism in Example

    A Gospel presentation of an "actual" encounter with a person at coffee shop.

    Length: 16 minutes

    Views: Viewed 1030 times.

  • 507

    Christianity: One of a Kind, or Just Like the Rest? Part Two

    In a world of incredible religious diversity, it's difficult to know or believe with certainty that what we believe as Christians is right while every other religious perspective is wrong. Is there anyway for us to really know for sure? Yes!

    Length: 32 minutes

    Views: Viewed 56 times.

  • 328

    Spiritual Search and Rescue

    A sermon about asking God to give us the tools to want to train ourselves to seek out those who are lost

    Length: 50 minutes

    Views: Viewed 67 times.

  • 121

    Bible Study Principles

    Discussion of the history of the Bible study movement and current challenges to Bible study

    Length: 44 minutes

    Views: Viewed 255 times.

  • 221

    On Family - Conversation 1

    Will Blackaby offers a biblical foundation for raising families.

    Length: 52 minutes

    Views: Viewed 45 times.

  • 225

    On Family - Conversation 4

    Will Blackaby offers practical advice for parents

    Length: 42 minutes

    Views: Viewed 15 times.

  • 218

    What I Appreciate about the CCSB

    Rob Blackaby describes the CCSB and explains what makes it a unified family.

    Length: 17 minutes

    Views: Viewed 109 times.

  • 222

    On Family - Conversation 2

    Will Blackaby offers practical advice for communicating with your kids as well as discussing 9 temperaments

    Length: 34 minutes

    Views: Viewed 12 times.